Our Story

Stone’s History Timeline


Left Royal Typewriter Company


Started Stone’s Office Equipment


Hired 1st Employee


First Product Line – Silver Reed Typewriter


Word Processors were added to our product family


IBM Typewriters were added to our product family


Faxes were added to our product family – Toshiba


Copiers were added to our product family – Panasonic


Panasonic Copier Dealer of the Year Award

Panasonic Matsuba-Kai Million Dollar Dealer Award (1997-2007)


Sharp Copier Line was added to our product family


Lexmark MFP Line was added to our product family

Managed Print Services offered


CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark Award

Sharp Hyakuman Kai Outstanding Sales Award


Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine (2015-2017)


Top Dealers “Best Business Practices” by Cannata Report


Document Solutions Finalist – Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Distinguished Retailer of the Year Finalist – Retail Merchants Association


Earned “Difference Maker of the Document Technology Industry” by ENX Magazine

Our Story

“Service First” for over 45 Years

Choosing to work with Stone’s Office Equipment, you’ll get over 45 years of experience in the office equipment business, and a “Service First” attitude that will keep your network running smoothly and cost effectively.

Owned and operated in the Richmond, VA area, you’ll be close to a service organization that is ready to give you the attention and support you deserve. Having earned the “Elite Dealer” recognition by Panasonic, IBM, Lexmark, Sharp and Office Dealer Magazine, you can be assured the sales and service people you work with know what they are doing.

Representing the top office equipment manufacturers and staying abreast of the latest technologies, Stone’s Office Equipment has the knowledge and know-how to advise you about the best equipment and the optimal way to operate it to achieve your objectives of high productivity and cost-effective operations. Having started several years ago servicing typewriters, and today installing and servicing the most sophisticated pieces of office equipment on the market, you’ll work with a company that has seen it all – giving you confidence that no opportunity to make your office environment productive will go unnoticed.

Service First” means your call is answered by a person, not a recording; a person who knows your account and the type of equipment you have. “Service First” means a trained service representative who not only knows your equipment but has the aptitude to fix it quickly. “Service First” means a trained sales associate who knows how to identify productivity losses and recommend a fix. This is all part of what you get working with Stone’s Office Equipment.

History of Stone’s Office Equipment

Stone’s Office Equipment was founded in November of 1970 by Frank Stone, a Senior Service Technician servicing typewriters for more than 10 years at Royal Typewriter Company. Providing customers with superior service for their office equipment, the firm quickly became one of the largest independently owned typewriter service organizations in the Richmond, VA metro area.

In 1978, we began adding product lines to complement our service. In looking for manufacturers to represent, we looked beyond the name and focused on different aspects including; innovation, ease of operation, and products with good service history. Our service staff continued to grow as we added products and were factory trained by three manufacturers.

Facsimiles were added next to our product line. This relatively new “gadget” was sweeping the market and we knew this would complement our current line of office automation. At the same time, we began cross training our technicians to service typewriters and faxes. This would serve two purposes; it allowed our employees to advance technologically and increased our service response time to our customers. By the mid-1980’s, we had our name on nearly a thousand pieces of equipment.

Even though typewriters were our main product, fewer were being sold, and knowing service was our strength, we looked to copiers as an area to demonstrate that strength. We asked questions of our clients and the answers we received were very pointed and frank – we wish our copier provider were as good as you at servicing our copiers. Thanks to our customers, we were able to start placing copiers in almost all of our existing service accounts; this is a great tribute to our “Service First” philosophy and the great service personnel at Stone’s Office Equipment!

Someone great coined the phrase, “Change is the only constant” and it’s true. Since 1970, many of our competitors have exited the industry for various reasons. One of the largest decisions we faced during the 1990’s was whether to sell our business to one of the conglomerates looking to buy copier dealers. We chose to stay! Looking back, it was a very good decision for us because we’ve seen the negative results some of these “buyouts” have had on customers.

CHANGE “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” – we can say we’ve seen change over the past years. We can also say we’ve not only seen change, but embraced it. I would like to say thank you for allowing us the challenge to increase your offices’ productivity, in the past and the future.

Thanks again! – Sam Stone