Copier Services Case Study – Spotts Fain

Spotts Fain reduces costs, eliminated time spent, reduced waste & increased up-time!


Before we began working with Spotts Fain, orders were being placed for supplies with absolutely no idea how many devices truly needed product. Information had not been collected to indicate how many prints were being made on each device.

Not being completely sure which units had already been replaced and which were next in que, left the firm with a large number of toner cartridges for devices that were no longer on the premises.

Productivity was also down significantly due to frequent service/repair. Without a solid handle on who is printing, how often they are printing, and which device had the best cost per print left everyone frustrated with the unnecessary amount of time & money being spent.

Did You Know?

  • On average, each attorney in a typical law firm generates up to 100,000 sheets of paper per year.
  • Attorneys use about 10-50 sheets of copier/printer paper per hour. This equates to around a sheet of paper per minute.

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Plan, Solutions & Results:

The Stone’s approach clearly showed how we could use the clients existing inventory of assets without Spotts Fain having to come out of pocket to immediately replace products. The client saved money and was able to continue the workflow without disruption.

Stone’s was also able to monitor print volumes to help the team understand which devices would be best functioning elsewhere and which devices would be up first for replacement. In addition, it was imperative that there be a designated Account Manager that would watch over every aspect.