Dental Office MPS Case Study

A Dental Office Simplifies Device Management With Managed Print Services


A central Virginia dental office experienced a combination of common problems with their print output
devices, including:

  • Frequent equipment failure
  • Difficulty maintaining supplies due to a mixed fleet of equipment
  • Unknown cost of supplies

The core objectives to help the dental office run more smoothly included:

  • Increase reliability of equipment
  • Reduce overall cost of supplies
  • Streamline upkeep and maintenance
  • Eliminate equipment hassles so practice managers can focus on growing the business

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The Stone’s Solution & Results


After an analysis revealed the customer was spending an excessive amount on ink for the office’s inkjet
devices, Stone’s was able to introduce immediate savings with a multifunction device to replace a fax
machine and inkjet copier.

Other inkjet printers in the office were upgraded to laser printers, which have a lower cost to operate,
and are generally more reliable.


In the end, the dental office output device fleet was reduced to three models (versus the previous six).
We provided two color laser printers and five standalone scanners, thus reducing the number of toners
needed to keep in inventory.


By allowing Stone’s Office Equipment to maintain the fleet, the practice managers are now able to
focus on business growth instead of print device issues.