Color Printing Can Change Your Business for the Better

Posted by Sam Stone

Today everyone is bombarded with stuff – think of all the content, from texts to emails, social media to mail. How does your company stand out? How are you different? There have been many studies that show the key to making your content stand out is to add color.

Not only printing your external in color, but your internal communications can have major advantages as well.

Increases the reader’s attention span and recall

Industry research of color usage shows an increase of 82% of the reader’s recall and attention span. You don’t need all communication in color, as black and white will do for most. But, think about how adding color to drive a message across could impact your company’s brand or possibly make your latest promotion a success! We know your clients will pay more attention to the message, and perhaps remember more of it if you use color.

Increases comprehension by 73 percent

When you think comprehension, you have to think about absorption along with retention. Using color helps increase the likelihood your customers will truly understand the point you are trying to make.

Increases payment response by up to 30 percent

This statement could be the most intriguing stat of the research. We’re all looking for ways to speed up how and when we get paid. If using color builds that case, let’s use more color. Try working color in invoices your office sends out next quarter, by highlighting the due date or amount due. Sometimes, just having your logo printed in color is enough of a wow.

So why aren’t more people onboard?

These seem like some compelling statistics, don’t they and seem to make a strong case to use more color. So why aren’t more people using color prints and copies? The most straightforward reason is, business owners assume (wrongfully), it isn’t affordable. As color devices continue to improve quality, they also continue to improve efficiency and costs to operate, making them less prohibitive.

If you are outsourcing color printing, let us help you find a better way to bring some, if not all, of those jobs in house. However, you should use color in your printed collateral, like brochures and proposals regularly. Remember, it’s your brand, so make it look its best.

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