Groovin Gourmet and Trolley House – Testimonial

Groovin Gourmet and Trolley House – Testimonial

Chances are your office relies on others to perform tasks for you that make your life easier and business better. This may include your network provider, phones, computers or copiers. It may also be your break room provider or corporate caterer. Groovin Gourmet and Trolley House are perfect examples of how different, yet same as Stone’s Office Equipment. They provide services to make their clients businesses better and so do we. So, it’s a natural fit for us to do business with them. In this video, you will hear Julie talk about what makes Stone’s a great business partner and how we can help you office too.

Barnes & Diehl Law Firm – Testimonial

When you run a successful business, you look for partners to accentuate your strengths and help with inefficiencies. Barnes & Diehl Law Firm knows law and they are very successful. What they don’t know is office equipment and the processes to make their office more productive. That’s why they trust Stone’s Office Equipment to assist with their office needs. Trusted partners since 2002.

Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation – Testimonial

You can be involved in your community or you can be the community. CKG Foundation is a perfect example of doing something; something for not only the community where they live but communities everywhere. Stone’s Office Equipment shares this philosophy. Since 1970 we have tried to not only give back to our community; but, become involved, entrenched and completely sold out for what our passions are. We are the community! Cameron Gallagher was 16 years old and wiser than most adults when it came to understanding what involvement means. Once you make that step you no longer exist being a human being, you are now a human doer.

Gather – Testimonial

James Crenshaw of Gather, talks about how Stone’s Office Equipment has helped him to build this successful Richmond, VA co-working space.

Midlothian Athletic Club – Testimonial

Travis Nall of the Midlothian Athletic Club talks about the personalized attention and ongoing support they appreciate from Stone’s Office Equipment, a local, family owned Richmond office supplier.

Fahrenheit Group – Testimonials

Rich Reinecke and Keith Middleton of the Fahrenheit Group describe how Richmond’s family-owned Stone’s Office Equipment helps make their technology work seamlessly and has helped them to grow their successful Richmond consulting firm over the years.

Richmond Ballet – Testimonial

Gretchen Hemmer of the Richmond Ballet reviews their great experiences with Stone’s Office Equipment of Richmond, VA.

Setliff Law – Testimonial

Hear from Katie Deaner of Setliff Law about why their law firm trusts Stone’s Office Equipment as their office equipment supplier in Richmond Va.

James River Air Conditioning – Testimonial

James River Air Conditioning is a valued customer of Stone’s Office Equipment. Hear their story about their partnership with this great family-owned Richmond Va office equipment supplier.

Good Run Research & Recreation – Testimonial

Sally Raderer of Good Run Research & Recreation describes their experiences with Stone’s Office Equipment, a local, family-owned supplier.