Considerations For High Volume Scanning

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

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Your office goes through a lot of paper, and much of that paper needs to be stored for an extended period of time. If you can scan all of those documents, then you can cut down on the cost of physical space to store documents, and you can also benefit from improved efficiency, especially through reduced costs associated with retrieving paper records.

If you’re considering to buy a high speed scanner, here are a number of critical considerations:



A scanner might boast an impressive page-per-minute (ppm) rate, but is that speed coming at the expense of quality? Go with a unit that offers a high-resolution image as well as an impressive page-per-minute rate that meets your peak scanning loads.



Ideally, your employees should be able operate your scanner without going through extensive training. Evaluate who will be using the unit and select a machine that offers productivity, but is suitable for even those who are less tech savvy. Choose a scanner that is simple to use, features automatic settings, has customizable preferences, and includes a user-friendly interface.


FEATURES – Modern scanners offer a variety of different options; so consider what kind of work you will need your machine to handle. For instance, multi-feed detection utilizes sensors to recognize double-feeds which could lead to paper jams, suspending the scan job and alerting the operator. A staple-detection feature will identify the presence of staples in materials loaded into the document handling tray, preventing potential headaches. And duplex scanning, capturing both sides of a document in a single pass, is extremely valuable if you will be scanning a significant amount of two-sided documents.



If you work with documents of various types and sizes, go with a scanner that can efficiently handle a variety of different paper sizes and grades.



How will your documents be organized, stored, searched, and retrieved? All of these things could impact the best type of machine and configuration. Consider a software with OCR (optical character recognition), which could allow every one of your records to become searchable.

Take the time to evaluate your needs and find the high-volume production scanner that is best-suited to accommodate them. If you’re unsure which options or considerations are most important for your consideration, contact one of our experts today.