Kodak Scanners

Kodak S2000 Series

Kodak S2070 Scanner

  • Durable workhorse for your paper capture needs at a budget-friendly price
  • Embedded image processing delivers crisp, high-quality images without depending on your PC
  • The intuitive color displays make scanning quick and easy
  • Robust desktop information capture, delivered direct to your business processes
  • Document and information handling you can trust
  • Ensure reliable data quality at the point of capture through a combined approach of hardware and software technologies

Kodak S2085F Scanner

  • Compact, rugged, and ready for action
  • Built in book edge flatbed scanner
  • Small footprint can take on heavy duty challenges while taking up less space
  • Process longer and thicker documents thanks to the straight-through paper path

Kodak i4000 Series

Kodak i4650i Scanner

  • Four layers of document protection to safeguard your important documents
  • 500-sheet input elevator for continuous document feeding, with a straight through paper path for feeding materials such as cardboard, file folders, and extra-long documents
  • Intuitive interfaces, one-touch buttons scanning, and other ease-of-use features, for a simplified user experience.

Kodak i5000 Series

Kodak 5650 Scanner

  • Maintain high-speed throughput even at 300 dpi for both bitonal and color images
  • Scan an unlimited daily volume of documents
  • Dynamic Flow Technology that delivers optimized memory allocation and processing paths, letting the scanner find the most efficient way to scan, perform imaging functions and extract data
  • Intelligent Document Protection listens for problems and alerts you before they become jams or misfeeds