Reduce The Amount Of Work In Your Paperwork

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

If you’re like most people, a great deal of your time at work is spent on paperwork. You know it’s important to stay organized but it’s a tedious task that seems to never end, right? Well, that’s not true for all businesses. An increasing number of businesspeople are moving away from the traditional paper-pushing methods to go paperless (or close to it). If you’re not sure how you feel about that, think of these facts:


  • The average employee spends 30 to 40 percent of their time searching for documents or looking through information.
  • At any given moment, up to 5 percent of an organization’s files are lost or misfiled.
  • Seven out of 10 businesses would fail within 3 weeks if their paper documents were destroyed in a natural disaster.

That last one is shocking, right? The majority of businesses would go out of businesses if their paper documents were destroyed…are you one of those businesses? If so, it’s time to find ways to protect your business and improve your efficiency and productivity at the same time. How can you do that? Digital document management solutions.


What Will Digital Document Management Solutions Do For My Business?

There are a number of ways that going digital will protect your business and help you improve productivity. First of all, you’ll be able to get rid of the stacks and drawers of paper you have throughout your office. This will create a better environment for working and can relieve stress that you didn’t even know was there.

Here are some other ways digital document management solutions will improve your business:

  • Better customer service: More organized, more accessible documents will allow you to quickly and easily find documents you need to service your clients.
  • Less time handling papers: The less you have to shuffle papers around, the more you can focus on other tasks that will help keep your business moving forward. Don’t get stuck playing catch-up with your paperwork. Digital document management will eliminate the need to handle documents so much.
  • Reduce your footprint: Buying supplies like paper, ink, and paper clips can add up quickly when using traditional paper documents. You may not realize it, but simply storing paper also costs your business money. By moving to digital documentation, you can reduce the storage space needed and the associated costs.
  • Improved security and privacy: It’s difficult to monitor who sees what with paper documents moving around the office. But with digital documents, it’s incredibly easy to give certain people access and restrict access for others.
  • More robust organization options: Keeping papers in filing cabinets only allows you to organize your documents in one way. But, with digital document management solutions, you can organize the documents in the way that’s most convenient for achieving the task you’re working on.


Are You Being Overworked By Your Paperwork?

With affordable digital document management solutions available for any size business, it no longer makes sense to use old-fashioned paper document management. For more information about getting started with a custom digital document management solution for your business, contact Stone’s Office Equipment at 804-288-9000.