Managed Print Services (MPS)

Are You Spending Too Much Money Printing Documents?

Did you know?

  • The cost of the printer only represents 5% of total printing ownership – Forrester Research
  • Office printing cost are increasing at an annual rate of 20 – 40% – Gartner Group
  • Printers have increased from 1 printer per 14 people to 1 printer for 5 people – Gartner Group

You Can Reduce the Cost of Printing

Unless you’ve gone through a complete document management and printing evaluation, it is very likely you are part of the growing cost of printing. Most offices don’t have the most economical printing environment, causing over-spending, under performing and lack of accountability.

Stone’s Office Equipment Print Management Evaluation (PME) will identify how you can save money on your printing activities and implement the best solution.

How you will reduce your printing costs

  • Fewer printers to buy and/or maintain
  • New processes to inform users of print habits and the costs associated with them
  • Reducing the investment associated with keeping your devices performing at peak efficiency
  • Ongoing evaluation of print and document management activities to keep you informed of your print activity, and how the process is working

Why you’ll love the way it works…

  • One vendor to hold accountable
  • One contract to maintain
  • Quarterly reviews to discuss printer fleet performance
  • Strategies to give you better insight of your overall printer fleet and printing volumes
  • IT resources able to focus their skills on more value-added activities
  • Ongoing recommendations for lowering your document output costs

Ask us to do a complimentary Print Management Evaluation, and you’ll likely be amazed at what you can save with the right printing management solution.