3 Ways Electronic Documentation Prevents Mistakes

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

Making your office as productive as possible is an important part of managing your business. Everything, from the people you hire to the equipment you use, will play a part in just how productive your company can be. One aspect that should be examined is your document management process. Many companies are hesitant to transition from hardcopy files to electronic documents. But, making the switch is not as painful as you might think. And once you’ve switched, you’ll enjoy the benefits of electronic documentation for a long time. Here are just a few of the ways that using electronic documentation trumps traditional methods and leads to fewer mistakes in the office.

1. It provides more organization

Getting and staying organized can seem like a full-time job by itself. When your office gets busy, it’s easy for organization to take a backseat to what your staff thinks is productivity. But, the truth is that clutter and disorganization are significant threats to how well your team can get jobs done. The harder it is to find files and the more time it takes to actually use them, the less productive your staff becomes. Electronic documentation is a great step toward getting more organized and allowing your company to work more efficiently. With fewer papers floating around and easier access to documents, less mistakes will occur and your staff will spend time working instead of making up for those mistakes.

2. It allows for easier collaboration

With traditional files, collaborating on projects requires first locating the files to be shared and then copying those files for others to use. If you mark or edit those files, then you may even need to make more copies in order to keep your work updated along the way. These old school methods of collaborating are very damaging to productivity and often times lead to mistakes in the process. When you utilize electronic documentation instead, all of the legwork is taken out, allowing team members to easily work together on projects without having to hand deliver files, make more copies, and manually update files. You’ll notice an incredible difference in mistakes made with electronic files, which can be instantly shared with coworkers and easily edited and saved for future use.

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3. Increased loss prevention

Not only will electronic documentation help you get organized and make collaboration easier, it will also prevent major losses. The more paper you have filed away and floating around from desk to desk, the more chances there are of files being damaged, lost, or even stolen. With paper, it’s easy to misplace a file in the wrong folder. When that happens, it can be nearly impossible to figure out where it’s hiding. Your files are also at risk for being damaged. Paper is certainly susceptible to physical damage–accidental shredding, spills, water damage and more. By transferring those files to electronic documents, you won’t have to worry about those accidents anymore.

Decreasing mistakes means increasing productivity

When you create a document management system that supports organization, improves collaboration and prevents losses, you’re not just removing mistakes. You’re boosting your office’s productivity by allowing staff to focus on their projects instead of searching for and editing documents and correcting mistakes.

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