6 Ways PaperCut Software Boosts Print Performance

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

Most people understand the basics of keeping printing costs down. Keep equipment up-to-date, monitor print-related expenses, etc. But, there’s actually another level of print performance and cost savings that most people miss out on. Are you one of them?

Did you know: The cost of the printer only accounts for 5% of total printing costs (Forrester)


To really get the most out of your print setup, you need to get a closer look at how your system is running. Stone’s offers a comprehensive approach to managing print performance with Managed Print Services (MPS).

Not ready to commit to a full MPS program? Read why PaperCut may be the perfect tool to get started…

Papercut uses six different approaches to analyze how well your existing print setup is working and it helps you improve upon that system. How exactly does it do that? Here are the six ways Papercut can improve your current setup:

Print Visibility

What in the world does that mean? Print Visibility refers to the ability to track (watch) how your print setup is being used. This tool allows you to see who is printing what, when they’re printing, on what devices, and more. It also keeps records so you can look back at past activity. With Print Visibility, you’ll be able to see exactly where your printer usage is focused and you’ll be better able to identify opportunities for improvement.

Print Policies

Once you’ve used Print Visibility to identify areas of potential improvement, you can use Print Policies to provide additional support. Print Policies are rules that can be set up to limit or alter user behaviors. Limiting the amount of printing for a particular user or specific printer and creating custom on-screen recommendations for printing preferences (such as “Please use both sides of the paper when printing!”).

Print Security

The security of your documents is very important. The more people you have managing documents, the more critical it is to have proper security measures in place. PaperCut provides that security with their Print Security features. With several options and add-ons to choose from, you can add the document and device security that’s just right for your office. Secure virtual printing, Find Me Printing (also known as Push Printing), and watermarking are just a few of the optional security protocols available for your business.

Cost Control

Get even more control over your print setup by using Cost Control. This tool allows you to segment activity reports by user, client, department, and more. Take it a step further by implementing print quotas and balances for users and even clients. Set the limits you’d like to stay within and the system will keep you and the users updated about their usage status. You can even add payment gateways to allow payment for more printing if users go over their print limit.

User Tools

User Tools will allow you and all other print users to stay on the same page about print policies, economic impact, costs, and more. This feature also allows for customized control for different users and offers the ability to users to manage documents and their printing on their own devices, at printers, and more.


BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device” and it’s an umbrella term for several tools that improve the ability of users to print anything, anywhere, anytime. BYOD means ultimate flexibility when printing. The tools include email printing, cloud printing, mobile printing, and internet printing. BYOD even offers the ability to share printing capabilities with visitors!

Does PaperCut Replace Managed Print Services?

A lot of features, right? Does that mean PaperCut can stand in place of a full-service MPS program? No…When it comes to managing print performance and costs, there’s no question that Managed Print Services are the most effective way to go. But, in some cases PaperCut can offer a great way to get started in the right direction or even work alongside a comprehensive MPS program.

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