Interview with CKG Foundation

Interview with CKG Foundation

In 2017 Sam Stone sat down for an interview with  Katherine Cook of the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation, and we’re sharing that here. Stone’s Office Equipment has supported the CKG Foundation for years, and we will continue to!

I’ve known David for many years, and the heartbreak of losing Cameron was shocking and sad, but to see the positive that comes from tragedy is nothing less than a miracle. Cameron’s dream is something I would hope everyone would want to be a part of…I know the Stone’s Office Equipment family wants to.sdf

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Groovin Gourmet and Trolley House – Testimonial

Chances are your office relies on others to perform tasks for you that make your life easier and business better. This may include your network provider, phones, computers or copiers. It may also be your break room provider or corporate caterer. Groovin Gourmet and Trolley House are perfect examples of how different, yet same as Stone’s Office Equipment. They provide services to make their clients businesses better and so do we. So, it’s a natural fit for us to do business with them. In this video, you will hear Julie talk about what makes Stone’s a great business partner and how we can help you office too.