Endeavor Capital: Being a Trusted Advisor

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

Leadership for your journey

Endeavor Capital owner Jonathan Kennedy started his company in 2010 to help individuals reach their financial goals through structured planning. Their tagline of “Leadership for your journey” explains how their professionalism through leadership means everything.

Their attention and detail to each individual have generated the business to grow, along with word of mouth referrals. This growth caused its current office equipment to become obsolete.

Struggling with outdated technology

In the beginning, Jonathan was able to operate Endeavor with smaller HP LaserJet models, designed for SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) work. Because of growth and a need for compliance and regulations in the insurance and financial industry, their current equipment became outdated.

Until recently, if Endeavor needed documents scanned, it was a complicated process because of an inadequate network within their office, costing time and frustration for the team. A search for better technology began with a wish list of items and features to improve productivity and compliance.

Wishlist completed, with User-Friendly Equipment

Lexmark’s XC4140 Multi-Functional Color device was installed to allow for color printing, scanning, and complete network connectivity. The Lexmark is the hub where all information flows. Endeavor’s team members are connected, enabling full-color printing, scanning, and distribution of information and documents, with simple to use short-cut commands set up at each workstation.

End Results

After evaluating options, Endeavor chose to work with Stone’s Office Equipment. According to Jonathan Kennedy, Founder, and President, “Stone’s is a local, family business with a commitment to the community.  Their knowledge of what we needed and expected, and recommendations based on that knowledge, proved to be the solution needed to improve our offices’ workflow and allow our business and equipment to grow together.” Kennedy continues, “Our increased productivity allows us to deliver in a more timely manner. Sam, Mike, Carson, and the team at Stone’s are very responsive and allow our presentations to look congruent with our messaging. We are grateful for Stone’s and their team for their support.”