A Virginia Public Library – Copier Services

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

Public Library Simplifies Patron Print Services To Cut Back On Cost And Paper


Libraries are extremely paper-centric. Even in our technology-driven world, the information explosion has greatly increased the amount of paper flowing out of libraries across the country. Public libraries are tasked with figuring out how to provide printer and copier service to patrons while managing the economic and environmental impact of their paper consumption.

When Stone’s approached a local library, it was clear that their current processes for patron printing, along with the library’s workflow system, was costing them money. Stone’s analysis quickly identified the cause of the library’s inefficiencies. The library was losing money because of uneconomical printer policies and procedures. The main problem lied with giving patrons the privilege of choosing whether they wanted to pay for copies, or discard them, after they were printed.

Did You Know?

  • Over 50% of public libraries are the sole providers of free computer and internet access in their communities, with internet browsing and printing as a main activity.
  • In most libraries, almost one-third of printed pages are never picked up.

Plan, Solutions & Results

Stone’s was concerned that the library had no process in place for patrons to preview and approve their print requests in person before they were printed. In fact, the library didn’t even have a page maximum, and patrons could technically print an entire website worth of pages then decide not to pay for a single sheet, leaving the library to consume that cost internally.

Stone’s copier services provided the library with a solution that would alleviate both the economic and environmental impact of their existing processes. Stone’s strategy was to replace the library’s central printer with a brand new device and to reconfigure their workflow system to better control patron paper use. All print requests were routed to the main printer located at the information desk. Here, patrons can preview, approve and pay for their pages before printing is authorized by the librarian, saving the library thousands of unnecessary prints each week.