Corporate Weather Report

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment


In a stable environment, sacred cows have a long half-life. What worked yesterday will work today and probably tomorrow. But that’s not what is going on out there. It’s hurricane season for American business. Winds of change are barreling in from all directions. Competition is tougher than ever and coming from places you least expected. The customer is more sophisticated and demanding. Technological changes are incessant. Government regulations are tougher. And everyone is restructuring, reorganizing, reinventing, downsizing, outsourcing – all at an ultrasonic pace.

Don’t look for a safe harbor to wait out the storm, because these winds are unrelenting. If anything, they’re getting stronger and coming faster, blowing the shutters off corporate headquarters and small businesses alike.

The weather report? More of the same.

Does this sound like your business today? Well, this is an excerpt from a book I read in 1996 titled “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers”. The title refers to the sacred cow as things, processes, policies, ideas, etc… we hold onto because that’s the way we’ve always done it. They’re out there. Herds of sacred cows grazing on your profits and choking off your productivity.

In business we can get so busy working in our business we forget to step back and work on our business. At Stone’s Office Equipment, it’s exciting to work with businesses to help them improve their workflow through process change. This is why our Managed Print Services (MPS) has flourished over the past few years and what separates us from the competition. Talk with us and see what makes Stone’s Office Equipment so different.

Just another carving from the tablet.