Interview with CKG Foundation

Interview with CKG Foundation

In 2017 Sam Stone sat down for an interview with  Katherine Cook of the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation, and we’re sharing that here. Stone’s Office Equipment has supported the CKG Foundation for years, and we will continue to!

I’ve known David for many years, and the heartbreak of losing Cameron was shocking and sad, but to see the positive that comes from tragedy is nothing less than a miracle. Cameron’s dream is something I would hope everyone would want to be a part of…I know the Stone’s Office Equipment family wants to.sdf

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Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation – Testimonial

You can be involved in your community or you can be the community. CKG Foundation is a perfect example of doing something; something for not only the community where they live but communities everywhere. Stone’s Office Equipment shares this philosophy. Since 1970 we have tried to not only give back to our community; but, become involved, entrenched and completely sold out for what our passions are. We are the community! Cameron Gallagher was 16 years old and wiser than most adults when it came to understanding what involvement means. Once you make that step you no longer exist being a human being, you are now a human doer.

Congratulations to Sharp! 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award

This January Sharp Inc, claimed the prestigious 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award from Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. Stone’s Office Equipment has been advocate of Sharp products for many years due to their quality, reliability, and efficiency.  We’ve been very proud and humbled to be the recipients of Sharp’s Hyakuman Kai Award on multiple occasions.

View some of the Sharp products we have on offer.

“Sharp’s copier MFPs have long been known for their quality, innovation, and ease of use, and its current line holds up to that standard,” said George Mikolay, Keypoint Intelligence’s Associate Director of Copiers/Production. “In addition to setting the bar for usability among its peers, overall reliability was tremendous throughout the line. In fact, a recent Buyers Lab award given to Sharp for Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand 2018-2021 is a testament to the reliability of the company’s products past and present. And with a standard retractable keyboard and feature-rich scan preview, a highly intuitive and customizable control panel (and the Command WorkStation-integrated control panel on machines like the MX-7090N/MX-8090N), seamless edge-to-edge booklet printing on standard 11″ x 17″ paper, and the innovative, award-winning web utility, building workflows is a cinch for walk-up users, key operators, and IT administrators alike.”

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2018 Net Promoter Scores are in… and Stone’s is Way Up There!

We’ve written about Net Promoter Scores before. A Net Promoter Score is essentially a measure of customer satisfaction. We’re in the technology business, but we are first and foremost a customer-oriented company. Happy customers are what has made us a success and what continues to motivate us to do better. So, yes, you could say that we pay a lot of attention to our Net Promoter Scores.

We generally score very well, but in 2018, we surprised even ourselves!!

It’s a 100 point scale.

  • The average North American (US and Canada) company scores about a 30.
  • Well-liked companies usually score in the 70s or 80s
  • Costco scored a 75, for instance and Nordstrom is at 79

Our score this year was 97.83!

#8 in North America for our whole industry!


Read more about Net Promotor Scores.

See our 2018 Net Promoter Report

Supporting the Virginia War Memorial

Stone’s Office Equipment are proud to support the Virginia War Memorial through their Walkway of Honor. Since 1956 the Virginia War Memorial has stood to honor all Virginians who have served as well as those who do so today. The Walkway of Honor is a wonderful way to honor a loved one, a friend, or simply to show your support for all our veterans and servicepeople though this great organization.

The Virginia War Memorial is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s premier monument, museum, and educational center honoring the memory of all Virginians who demonstrated a willingness to serve and fight to defend the United States from World War II through today. Dedication Day was February 29, 1956.

Honor a family member or friend who served in the armed forces. Recognize a military unit or veterans group. Or simply just show your or your organization’s support of the Virginia War Memorial and its educational and patriotic mission.

By purchasing an engraved brick with a personalized message, you will leave a lasting legacy and contribute a permanent feature on the Memorial grounds. The Walkway of Honor overlooks circles around the Shrine of Memory and overlooks the James River. It serves as a solemn place where visitors can come for a moment of respite and reflection.

Stone’s Office Equipment is proud to sponsor this great endeavor to help build and preserve the memory of all those who have served to defend our freedom and liberties.

Stone’s office equipment Partners With Ashland Theatre

Stone’s Office Equipment is proud to be associated with the Ashland Theatre Restoration Project and the Official Office Equipment provider for their Center of the Universe office. Thanks to generous State, Town, corporate, foundation and individual support, Ashland Theatre is close to its capital campaign goal. Because of this generosity, Ashland Theatre will soon open its doors with expanded stage and lobby, new seating with cupholders, VIP box seats, state of the art surround sound and digital projection, gourmet concessions and more! Movies, music, comedy, live performances.

When we learned of the restoration project, we couldn’t wait to become a part of it. As children, my sister and I attended movies regularly at the Ashland Movie Theatre; it was a family experience we treasure still today. So, we made the decision to not only contribute financially, but partner with them by providing office technology to include; copy, print and document management. We are excited for the opening and look forward to seeing this nearly 80-year-old treasure shine again!Sam Stone, President


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Sam Stone at 804-288-9000 or email at

To learn more about the Ashland Theatre Restoration Project, visit their website at or contact Douglas Love at

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Stone’s Office Equipment stays abreast with the latest technologies

We were thrilled to read this piece on Stone’s Office Equipment in The Richmond Times-Dispatch on September 30th. The piece quotes Rich Reinecke of the Fahrenheit Group and Edward Barnes of the Barnes & Diehl law firm. We thank them both for their kind words! You can hear more from them on our testimonials page.

The company initially only repaired typewriters. “When the first typewriter lines became available we started selling the Silver Reed line,” said Sam Stone, who took over leadership of the company when his father retired in 2001. “We were one of the top dealers in the U.S.”

The company began selling copiers in the early 1990s. It picked up the Sharp line in 2000 and has been a Sharp dealer ever since.

“For being a small, local business we are recognized annually by people in our industry as one of the top dealers in the nation,” Stone said.

Read the full article:
Trade Names: Stone’s Office Equipment stays abreast with the latest technologies

Two Nominations That Display Our Commitment To Customers

Stone’s Office Equipment has recently been nominated for two awards that verify our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

First up is Lawyers Weekly, which, according to their reader rankings, has nominated Stone’s as a leader in Document Management Solutions. We’re honored and thankful for the votes which generated this nomination. We have been focused on helping law firms grow, modernize, and maintain healthy document management practices for many years now. We look forward to the continued evolution of document management needs for law firms.


The second nomination Stone’s has received recently is from the Richmond Retail Merchant’s Association.  The Distinguished Retailer of the Year award is a prominent award given only to the best of the best. We’re truly honored for the nomination which places Stone’s Office Equipment up with many other best-in-class local businesses.



How to Know You’re Getting the Best Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of the Stone’s Office Equipment experience, but did you know that there’s actually a straightforward system for measuring exactly how happy customers are with a company? It’s called a Net Promoter Score – and you might be surprised to learn that some of the most well known companies aren’t necessarily the ones that make their customers the happiest.

What Exactly is an NPS?

An NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is a loyalty metric that ranges on a scale from -100 to 100 and measures how likely a customer is to recommend that company’s product or service to someone else. Most companies in North America have an NPS of about 10 which is fairly middle of the line. What’s interesting, and perhaps unknown, to most consumers is that the most well known companies don’t always have perfect scores. Here’s a few 2016 NPS scores from companies we’ve all heard of:

Nordstrom – 79
Costco – 75
Apple – 60

What is Stone’s NPS Score and Why?


Our May 2017 NPS Score

As we mentioned, customer service is our biggest priority at Stone’s Office Equipment and it’s because of that attention to our customer’s well being that as recently as May of 2017 we have achieved a Net Promoter Score of 93.3!

This isn’t just a fluke, we survey our customers anytime we fill and order, ship a product, or make a service call to make sure that we’re getting regular feedback on their satisfaction and able to constantly improve the way that we do business. It’s our customers that make us who we are and we make a great effort to listen to what you love and especially your concerns so that we can solve your problems and continue to delight the people who choose Stone’s Office Equipment.

If you have a need for better document management or office equipment and want to see what customer service with a 93.3 NPS score feels like then contact us and begin optimizing your office performance.

5 Years Strong – Sharp Hyakuman Kai Award

Once again, for the fifth consecutive year, Stone’s Office Equipment in Richmond, VA has earned The Sharp Hyakuman Kai award. This award is given only to dealers that make outstanding achievements and who make major contributions to the success of Sharp Imaging and Information Company.

Stone’s Office Equipment has been advocate of Sharp products for many years due to their quality, reliability, and efficiency. Sharp products simply make sense for a lot of different businesses – from high volume offices, to the smallest businesses. Sharp has a full-featured product line with price points and capacity to match any budget.

We’ve written previously about what The Sharp Hyakuman Kai award means for you (our customers). We’re proud to represent Sharp office products in the central Virginia region.

If you have questions about which Sharp office machines are best for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

2017 HK Award

image (left-to-right): Erik Blackman, Sharp District Sales Manager, Sam Stone, Mike Berry, VP Service