How to Clean and Disinfect Your Office Equipment

Posted by Sam Stone

With COVID-19 and FLU, follow these guidelines:

Disinfecting surfaces during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a best practice to limit the survival of the virus and prevent transmission. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), current evidence suggests that the novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. In the workplace, devices such as copiers and printers are high-touch surfaces that must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Here are some tips to clean the surfaces of your office technology devices:

  • Always wear disposable latex gloves while cleaning.
  • Turn off and unplug your device. Never clean while it is on and plugged into an outlet.
  • In a spray bottle, mix 70 percent isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol with 30 percent water (per CDC recommendations).
  • Spray this mixture onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surfaces to be cleaned.
  • Never spray disinfectant directly onto a device.
  • While cleaning, pay special attention to the surfaces commonly touched by users, such as buttons, touchscreens, tray handles, etc.
  • Do not allow moisture to drip into open areas such as keyboards or USB ports, as this can damage your device.
  • Make sure all surfaces have completely air-dried before plugging in and turning on the device.
  • Discard latex gloves after each cleaning, and wash your hands after removing the gloves.

If you use these tips, you can safely disinfect the surfaces of your office equipment; including copiers, printers, faxes, scanners, and mail equipment without damaging the device. Contact us if you have any questions.