Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

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Beauty may only be skin deep, but overpaying for copies hurts to the bone.


With a slogan Form. Beauty. Personalized. It’s clear to see how Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is one of Richmond’s premier plastic surgery centers, offering both surgical and non-surgical services for their patients. Dr. Steven Montante has many years of experience providing a variety of procedures for his patients in Richmond, VA. Their professional work leads to growth, including their new state-of-the-art offices and patient center on Grove Avenue in Richmond’s fashionable west end. As is often the case, growth can increase the cost of doing business. Montante’s office staff was overworking their office equipment and costing them valuable cash to operate. So they called Stone’s Office Equipment to manage their equipment needs and reduce the overspending.


As with most offices, we start with an evaluation of their equipment, staff needs, and workflow. We look for anything unique, such as government regulations, patient records, and confidentiality, before making any recommendation. Most medical offices have procedures they like to follow, and for a good reason. Patients’ information privacy is critical and could cost them valuable fines, but, more important, may cost them the loss of patient confidence.

Words to describe our feelings? Awesome, fantastic, so much better, productive.

Todd W.
Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics


Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics was using a mix of equipment, including Dell all-in-one copier printer and a few HP printers. All with very high operating costs.

Our evaluation lead us to place a Lexmark XC4150 for the front office, allowing them affordable color output, with copy, print, and scan directly to their workstations. In the Nurse Station 1, we replaced a small Dell printer, with a Lexmark M3250 mono printer, lowering the operating costs by more than half. In the Office Administrator and Dr. Montante’s office, we placed the same Lexmark M3250. Lexmark is known for its superiority in the medical industry, with its award-winning models, and industry-leading security features. It was a perfect fit. A lease for three new Lexmark devices replaced three old, highly expensive to operate models for less than they were spending for toner alone.

Imagine, we were able to place new, modern technology in their office for less than they were paying for supplies alone.