Service First

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

When I started working in my family business back in the 1980’s I was a service technician assigned to work on typewriters. Not a full technician mind you; I was a PM tech. Sounds like a nighttime job but it really meant I was a Preventative Maintenance tech. My job was to run all over Richmond and clean typewriters for our customers. At the time, I looked at that job as meaningless and unnecessary. In fact, I think I actually said once, “This job is meaningless and unnecessary.”

I now realize how meaningful & necessary that job really was. My role was to assist the senior-technicians by servicing the equipment in a methodical way to prevent larger issues. PM techs would clean and lubricate the typewriters with a 50 point check-up concentrating on the areas where failures were most likely to occur. Without these tune-ups, a customer would definitely have trouble down the road. Who knows, maybe some of their important letters would not have been typed and communism could have won! YIKES

Looking back, my father was teaching life lessons such as; “take care of the customer and they’ll take care of you”. And, “no job is too small or beneath me and I should perform it like the future of the company relies on it!”

Many years later it finally hit.

This is just another carving from the tablet.