Privacy in the Workplace?

Posted by Sam Stone

HP Survey Reveals Privacy Concerns

About this report: HP commissioned a global survey of approximately 3,000 general consumers and 1,500 office workers across Canada, the U.K., and the United States. HP’s survey confirms device screen creeping and peeking in office print trays is human nature, but the act of “peeking” at someone else’s screen, whether it’s at home, work, or during a commute, is far more common than we thought.

Survey Highlights

  • 8 in 10 Americans admit to creeping on others’ screens without their knowledge
  • Feel comfortable in public? 83 percent, don’t feel comfortable looking at what they want in public for fear others may see
  • How about the workplace? 3 in 4 office workers creep on coworkers’ screens
  • 73 percent peek at unclaimed documents left on office printer/copier
  • 44 percent admitted they would look at, make a copy, take a picture or take unclaimed documents from the printer
  • More than half say they rush to the printer every time they print something personal to prevent someone from seeing it first

Based on the U.S. survey results, 7 in 10 Americans are concerned with online hackers, and 73 percent believe it’s inevitable they will be compromised at least once. Amusingly, 85 percent feel other people should mind their own business and not glance at other peoples screen.

Read the rest of the survey here

If you are interested in the rest of the survey and its findings, check it out here.

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