Bottleless Water Systems


The i16 is designed with elegance to compliment any workspace. This unit dispenses hot and ambient water and nugget-style ice. Taller than your average countertop unit, the i16 produces 165 lbs. of ice a day and is available with a base for a freestanding option.

Innovative Design & Technology

  • Combination ice maker & water dispenser
  • Dispenses chewable ice, as well as hot and room temperature water
  • TDS management technology featuring the ability to flush the evaporator

Advanced Hygiene Features

  • LED UV to help maintain water reservoir cleanliness
    • Installed in both ice bin and water circulation path (ice melt area)
  • Available with Wellsys advanced purification system
  • Touch-activated sensor operation for easy cleaning

Bullet-Proof Reliability

  • Drainless technology allows freedom of placement
  • Available with optional base cabinet to make free-standing

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