The Best Lexmark Printers and All-in-One Machines For Small Business

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

Our customers look to us as experts on the topic of office equipment. So, it’s not uncommon to be asked, “What’s the best printer [or copier, or all-in-one] for our small business?”.

Naturally, one should expect the answer to this questions depends on a variety of factors. For example, what exactly are the business needs? How many users will share the device? How much print volume will flow through the machine?

Stone’s Office Equipment is one of the leading Lexmark dealers in central Virginia.

Here we share our three most popular Lexmark models. These models are popular because they serve critical business functions, are efficient in their respective categories, and are reliable output devices. 

Each of these three models differ considerably, and the right one for your business depends on the features that will serve your organization the best.

Lexmark M3250 – the speedy monotone laser printer

The M3250 is the daily workhorse of many small offices. It can print up to 50 crisp black and white pages per minute. The monotone laser printer has a high capacity toner cartridge capable of delivering up to 7500 prints per cartridge, so you can minimize downtime and reorders.

The M3250 a medium capacity network printer capable of printing from all desktop and most mobile devices. It even has a USB drive, so users can print directly from portable storage devices.

Navigating through the printer’s functions is simple and easy with the 4.3-inch color touchscreen.

Lexmark XM3250 – the compact but productive all-in-one

The XM3250 is one of the most feature-packed all-in-one multifunction printers (MFP). It is capable of printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and emailing.

Like the M3250, the XM3250 has a print output up to 50 pages per minute, and the XM3250 is capable of printing from desktop and mobile devices.

It includes a 7-inch color touchscreen for simple operation.

Lexmark has shown strength with respect to device security. The XM3250 includes a host of enterprise-level security options and settings built into every MFP. 

Lexmark XM7355 – the fully-customizable, high performance MFP

The XM7355 is built for top performance.  It is capable of outputting up to 70 pages per minute, and has an input capacity of up to 2300 sheets. This maximizes output, and minimizes time spent refilling paper.

Productivity is improved with features like scanning 2-sided documents in a single pass. Several finishing options are available too, such as stapling, offset stacking, and hole punching.

Like other Lexmark models, the XM7355 is also capable of printing from desktop and mobile devices. To ease operation, the XM7355 includes a huge 10-inch color touchscreen.

Need Color Printing?

Each of these Lexmark models output in black only. If your office requires color printing options, contact us to discuss your options. Features and cost can vary widely for full-color devices, and some devices are very expensive to operate. We can help you fully understand your device choices as well as the considerations such as output capacity, color quality, and cost per print.