Posted by Sam Stone

Stone’s Office Equipment

As a document technology company, We’re Open, and we’re here to help your office when you need us. We have already helped many clients make the transition from their business office to their home office, whether it be helping with:

  • collaboration tools, or
  • connecting printers or a scanner to their home network.
  • We can help you; when you’re ready.

We feel every business is essential and we can’t wait until we can all get back to work and be together; and when that time comes, we’ll be here and ready to help your office with their technology needs.

In the meantime, check out our website www.stonesoffice.com, as we are constantly changing our content. On our site, please look at our blog page, where we write articles about technology, devices, and how they apply to your office. Our goal is to offer useful information, not sales propaganda. Something else we are proud of is our YouTube channel, where we’ve created How-To videos covering FAQ about copiers and printers.

Every time you turn on the radio or television, you hear a commercial stating “during these uncertain times”. Everyone is feeling uncertain about this time. One thing I can promise with certainty is, for fifty years, Stone’s Office Equipment has serviced the central Virginia area businesses, and we will be here to serve yours when you are ready. You have our word; where service is carved in Stone.