Case Study: Moran Reeves & Conn Attorneys at Law

Posted by Stone's Office Equipment

Complex Litigation and Transactional Law Firm

Founded on the premise that a smaller team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys and staff who work well together and use leading-edge technology can offer quality service, resources, and expertise.

Moran Reeves & Conn PC lawyers represent public and private companies in matters throughout the U.S. in federal and state courts. A significant portion of their clients are in the healthcare field; however, they are in industries as varied as agriculture, construction, leisure, and transportation. They represent providers of services, makers of industrial goods, manufacturers of consumer products, and technology companies.

Struggling with rising costs and equipment with limits

In our initial meeting with the team at MRC, it became apparent the cost of ownership was out-of-hand, and they weren’t sure if the product was the correct fit. They were looking to gain control of their fleet of copiers and printers while reducing their costs.

Their copiers and printers were leased through another provider, and over time they felt the representation and support had diminished. Without someone being directly involved and keeping an eye on technology advances, it was becoming apparent to the firm they were falling further behind.

Part of the firm’s mission statement refers to “using leading-edge technology,” and it seemed as though the products used to produce documents weren’t holding their end of the mission.

After the walkthrough, we felt it best to do a deeper dive and question each member of the firm to see what features matter most.

Questions like:


  • What size jobs do you copy?
  • How many pages?
  • Color or monochrome?
  • What about finishing, sorting, hole punch, staples?


  • How many pages printed?
  • Color or monochrome?


  • What volume of pages are you scanning on a daily average?
  • What are the sizes of the paper?

This process took several weeks to compile, and the data discovery was invaluable to help uncover inadequacies.

Discovery completed, with cost-effective equipment

Our approach was multi-faceted; instead of using one manufacturer, we used multiple and recommended Lexmark Multi-Functional Color devices, Lexmark high-speed mono printers, for desktop convenience. For the production equipment, we proposed the Sharp light production copiers to allow for color printing, color scanning, and complete network connectivity. The need for high capacity, high-speed scanning was also discovered, which we addressed with a Panasonic scanner.

Bonus: Because of tremendous growth, MRC was in the process of expanding office space within their current building on a different floor. Our discovery revealed the need for video conferencing and a large display monitor in their newly built conference room. Ultimately, Stone’s installed the Sharp Aquos Board with Owl Labs for video conferencing and collaboration.

End Results

Stone’s paid off Moran Reeves Conn’s existing lease and placed new products, with more technological advances, all while saving them money.

Areas of concern were:

  • High cost per copy
  • Out-dated equipment and features
  • Lack of representation
  • Too many devices

Concerns addressed by:

  • Replaced with new technology with lower costs of operation
  • Our team approach ensured there is always someone available to help
  • Right-sizing of devices was necessary because of changes in workflow
  • New conference room can now host video conference meetings with 360-degree camera/video while seeing it all on a 75” 4K display
  • We now have true collaboration created in the new meeting area