Security or Safety?

Posted by Sam Stone

Why sacrifice security for safety?

Stone’s Office Equipment remains committed to keeping your office and work environment safe and sanitary by supporting features and benefits to help employees safely and hygienically operate shared devices, such as the office copier.

The Old Way

Most office copiers are now the office printer and scanner, meaning more than a few people in your office interact with the equipment on an ongoing basis. The more people in contact with the copier or printer, the greater the risk of leaving behind germs and viruses to the touch. In previous articles, we have instructed you on how to clean your office equipment safely and effectively.

Today we discuss additional ways to improve your office’s safety by eliminating the number of times you have to touch your office equipment. The old way looks like this:

  • A document was printed from a computer, and the paper came out and sat in the exit tray
  • Employees would walk to the copier or printer to retrieve their documents, and this would take place; the document was
    • not there
    • under other printed documents
    • lying on the table or top of the copier or printer.

Another scenario: The forgotten document. This happens 25% of the time, according to studies. This means 1 in 4 documents are never retrieved or printed for the second time—waste and information control loss.

Old Solution

The easiest solution to prevent this was to activate Account Codes on your office print devices. Documents are held until a security code is entered at the copier screen.

Great for cutting waste, because that 25% of documents that are never claimed aren’t printed. It is also awesome for security too. Confidential documents aren’t lying in the paper tray for others’ eyes to see. In a recent study, 73% of office workers admit to peeking at unclaimed documents left on the office copier or printer. This stopped what it called the “Print and Sprint” effect.

Why is this no longer the most accepted method? Why is this called the Old Solution? Because it doesn’t address safety, it only addressed security. Each employee has to walk up to the copier and physically touch the keypad or touch-screen. When you have a pandemic and germs can reside on common surfaces for even a short period of time, this is no longer the best solution.

Best Solution

Print Hold is a feature where office workers can still send printed jobs to the office copier, but, instead of walking up and entering their security code by touching the screen, they swipe their access card, and the job prints out immediately. Safe, Touchless, and Secure.

To learn more about safety and security in your office, please contact us and check out some of these sources. Software Product Discover all PaperCut can do for your business

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