Is MPS Right for Your Business

Managed Print Services (MPS) manages and maintains your organization’s printing to reduce costs and increasing productivity. You don’t have to be a large, global company to benefit from this service. MPS can be beneficial for companies of all sizes, industries, and printing needs.

Will MPS provide ROI for your business?

To find out if MPS can work for your business and ensure you’ll get a return on your investment (ROI), start by ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is our current print environment handling our office’s needs?
  2. Are our current devices cost effectively handling our workload?
  3. Is our current print strategy flexible enough to adapt to inevitable changes in technology?
  4. Is our print environment adequately protected from security threats?
  5. Does our IT staff waste time servicing printers?
  6. Will MPS provide adequate ROI (may need to contact an MPS provider to answer this question)?

Still wondering if MPS could save your business valuable time and money? Read some MPS cases studies and see the range of clients that have benefited from MPS provided by Stones Office Equipment.

For more information about MPS, visit the MPS page on, or call Stones Office Equipment today to discuss your business’s printing operations and request an MPS quote.

About Stone’s Office Equipment

Stone’s Office Equipment has been saving central Virginia businesses and organizations money for over 45 years. We provide award winning service and represent top office equipment manufactures like Panasonic, IBM, Lexmark, and Sharp. Stone’s Office Equipment not only provides MPS. We also offer document management and managed IT services to increase productivity and cost-effective operations.

38944837_sDocument management is a vague term. Everyone has to manage documents. If you write on a piece of paper, you’re managing a document. If you send an email, you’re managing a document. But, what does “document management” really mean?

Put simply, document management is the process by which you use and handle documents within your company and the workflow this process creates. By improving the document management processes in place, you improve associated costs, losses, productivity and so on. Although document management focuses on how files are managed, perfecting this part of your business can have a remarkable impact across the entire company and even down to your customers.

It’s easy to talk about how improved document management is good in a broad sense. But let’s take a closer look at a few ways document management will lead to more productivity, lower costs, and happier customers.

Improve the way your staff works with documents

Your staff is busy. They’ve become efficient at working through projects and collaborating with one another to get jobs done. When you’re in the trenches and your team is working well together, it can be tough to identify productivity threats.

But think for a second. How many people have to touch a document before it gets passed on to its final destination? What process is in place for creating, editing, proofing, and finalizing documents? The answers to questions like these will shed some light on process inefficiencies that are wasting time and costing your company money.

Creating an automated process will significantly cut down on the manual handling required for every document circulating throughout your company. Just think about how much difference it would make if you cut the time and costs needed for handling each and every document that your staff handles throughout the year.

Prevent missing documents and the trouble they cause

Losing documents is bad. But, with a lot of people and many files circulating throughout your company, human error is inevitable. Lost documents can cause anywhere from just a few dollars and minutes to thousands of dollars and hours in recovery.

Don’t think it’s that big of a problem? According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average organization loses one out of every 20 documents, spends $120 searching for the lost document, and wastes 25 hours recreating each of those lost documents.

But, what if there’s a way to take that risk out of human hands and place it safely in the hands of a secure management system. Well, that’s exactly what happens with an optimized document management program. Get a Free Office Workflow Analysis to find out how your company can save money and time with document management improvements.

Provide better service for your customers

Whether you’re a B2B business like a wholesale distributor, or B2C like a law firm, the way you run your business ultimately impacts how you’re able to service your customers. It may be difficult to connect paperwork with customer satisfaction, but your company’s document management and workflow actually has a major impact on how well you’re able to provide products or services to your customers.

By changing your document management processes, you provide more organization for your staff, allowing them to more easily and more successfully help customers. Your customers will notice the quality and consistency in your products or services and will be more likely to trust your company.

The improvement in your processes can also provide the ability to offer more competitive rates to your customers. With significant savings to be had in many cases, you’ll be able to pass those savings down to your customers and even attract a new set of people that may not have considered you at the higher rates.

Protect your documents and company from threats

Protecting your documents with locks and safes just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’re scanning and then using your documents online then you’re adding a whole new set of risks to the equation. With a comprehensive document management system in place, you’ll get protection from these threats and others that you might not even know about.

One form of protection comes with the conversion of paper to electronic documents. You no longer have to worry about paper files “walking away” thanks to unruly employees. Instead, you’re able to control who has access to every document, see who actually does access each document, how recipients can work with documents, and more.

Improving your document management system will also add security to your collaboration with external parties. With features like firewalls, anti-spyware, and antivirus protection, you won’t have to worry about the threat of outside parties stealing your documents or breaching your data. You can also get cloud and server-based backups for all of your documents so that in case of any issues, you’ll always be able to fall back on those protected files.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for something bad to happen to take action. Protect your documents and improve your workflow today to see real results in productivity. Remember, every company is different. And the great thing about document management is the options are completely customizable, just for you, and they’re easily scalable to grow or shrink with your needs. For more information about how your company can benefit from document management, contact Stone’s Office Equipment today at 804-288-9000.


In a stable environment, sacred cows have a long half-life. What worked yesterday will work today and probably tomorrow. But that’s not what is going on out there. It’s hurricane season for American business. Winds of change are barreling in from all directions. Competition is tougher than ever and coming from places you least expected. The customer is more sophisticated and demanding. Technological changes are incessant. Government regulations are tougher. And everyone is restructuring, reorganizing, reinventing, downsizing, outsourcing – all at an ultrasonic pace.

Don’t look for a safe harbor to wait out the storm, because these winds are unrelenting. If anything, they’re getting stronger and coming faster, blowing the shutters off corporate headquarters and small businesses alike.

The weather report? More of the same.

Does this sound like your business today? Well, this is an excerpt from a book I read in 1996 titled “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers”. The title refers to the sacred cow as things, processes, policies, ideas, etc… we hold onto because that’s the way we’ve always done it. They’re out there. Herds of sacred cows grazing on your profits and choking off your productivity.

In business we can get so busy working in our business we forget to step back and work on our business. At Stone’s Office Equipment, it’s exciting to work with businesses to help them improve their workflow through process change. This is why our Managed Print Services (MPS) has flourished over the past few years and what separates us from the competition. Talk with us and see what makes Stone’s Office Equipment so different.

Just another carving from the tablet.

4 Printer Waists

Printing wastes more than just paper, toner, or ink. Unmanaged printers create much more waste than you think, including:

  1. Wasted Consumables
    • Without controls and measures, your ink and toner cartridges run out long before they should.
  2. Wasted Devices
    • Inefficient devices end up costing you big in the long run.
  3. Wasted Money
    • Your company wastes money on overprinting
  4. Wasted Time
    • Your staff wastes time and money trying to maintain your imaging devices.

With managed print services (MPS), all this printing waste can be significantly reduced!

Stone’s Office Equipment will implement print controls to reduce unnecessary printing, and streamline your devices for maximum efficiency. We take a more proactive approach rather than reactive. Proactive management of your printer fleet allows you to do what you do for a living.

Learn more about managed print services and how it can save your business money by contacting one of our offices today.

About Stone’s Office Equipment

Stone’s Office Equipment has been serving central Virginia for over 45 years, and represent the top office equipment manufactures. We specialize in optimizing your printing operations, document management, and managed IT services to increase productivity and cost-effective operations.

Managed Print Services can save both time and money.managed print services

Have you ever considered how much time your employees spend on printing-related tasks like ordering supplies?

Have you thought about how much your company spends on printing?

Often times when companies are focused on daily operations, acquiring new business or servicing customers, the office equipment and printing process gets overlooked. If your staff is spending time fixing paper jams, dealing with equipment downtime, or ordering supplies, they could probably spend that time more wisely in your business.

In many cases, small changes to a print environment can save 20%-30% through decreased direct costs, and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of managed print services include:

  • optimizing your print environment
  • reducing your total printing costs
  • improving workflow
  • and freeing staff from the burden of printing-related tasks

For more information about managed print services or to discuss your options regarding transferring the management of your printing equipment over to Stone’s, contact one of our offices today.

About Stone’s Office Equipment

Stone’s Office Equipment serves businesses, non-profit organizations, and institutions throughout Central Virginia with full service office equipment sales and repair, managed print services, document management, and managed IT services.


When I started working in my family business back in the 1980’s I was a service technician assigned to work on typewriters. Not a full technician mind you; I was a PM tech. Sounds like a nighttime job but it really meant I was a Preventative Maintenance tech. My job was to run all over Richmond and clean typewriters for our customers. At the time, I looked at that job as meaningless and unnecessary. In fact, I think I actually said once, “This job is meaningless and unnecessary.”

I now realize how meaningful & necessary that job really was. My role was to assist the senior-technicians by servicing the equipment in a methodical way to prevent larger issues. PM techs would clean and lubricate the typewriters with a 50 point check-up concentrating on the areas where failures were most likely to occur. Without these tune-ups, a customer would definitely have trouble down the road. Who knows, maybe some of their important letters would not have been typed and communism could have won! YIKES

Looking back, my father was teaching life lessons such as; “take care of the customer and they’ll take care of you”. And, “no job is too small or beneath me and I should perform it like the future of the company relies on it!”

Many years later it finally hit.

This is just another carving from the tablet.

Document imaging is the process of converting paper documents into digital documents. The documents (images) are then stored electronically, making them easier to access and less expensive to manage.

How Does Document Imaging Work?

A document is scanned, transformed into a high-resolution image and is then saved onto a computer hard drive, network server or optical disk. Next, index cards are applied to the documents. Index cards provide details such as the author, reference number or date.

Once stored, documents can be read by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. OCR enables you to retrieve files by folder location, by index card or by searching any word or phrase in the text.

This means your employees will spend more time working with information and less time looking for it.

Although a completely paperless office may seem farfetched, today’s hard drives are bigger, more reliable and less expensive than ever. Storing documents electronically will provide the next best thing: the “less paper” office.

What about the implementation? Doesn’t it demand a lot of time and money?

Actually, no.

Document imaging provides a long-term solution for lowering printing costs. Here are just a few of the ways it can save you money and improve your business:

Reduced Storage Costs

Storing documents in filing cabinets is bulky and expensive. According to experts, it costs businesses $20 per document to use conventional storage methods. Businesses run into big problems when storage space becomes scarce. With document imaging, files get stored in a fraction of the space at a fraction of the cost.

Efficient Organization

Storing documents electronically makes finding your information much easier. Document Imaging allows you to find and access documents in mere seconds. No more flipping through filing cabinets in search of elusive files. By eliminating manual filing, you remove the risk of human error and the risk of lost or misfiled documents.

Improved Document Accessibility

Electronic document storage provides access for all employees, regardless of their location. Teamwork is easy when all departments, offices and even countries can access what they need quickly. Don’t want everyone to have access to all documents? Control document access by applying user permissions.


If a flood destroyed your office today would your files be safe? Insurance might cover some of the damage but they can’t replace lost data. With document imaging, your files get backed up and stored off-site and your business can get right back to work after such an event.

Not sure if document imaging is right for your business?

One of the benefits is that it’s completely customizable. You only pay for what you need. If your company grows, your document management solution grows with you. No matter what size your business is, you’ll know that your valuable documents are completely secure with these document storage solutions.

Call Stone’s Office Equipment at 804-288-9000 to find out more about safely storing documents, improving efficiency, and cutting costs for your business.

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Don’t get stuck using an old document management system. Upgrade your system and notice an increase in productivity, improved security, and benefit from more flexibility.

Want your office to be more efficient?

Ditch the piles of paper and manual labor. Improving your document management system will allow you to use and handle documents less while getting more done, all through a secure network.

Is finding and sharing your documents a chore?

Bypass the file cabinets and boxes with a system that offers online documents search, making it that much easier to find and use documents while saving money on supplies and storage.

Are your important files actually safe?

Keep your documents safe at all times with a system that protects your valuables instead of one that depends on insurance that just pays for what you’ve lost.

Get customized solutions that grow with your business.

Don’t get stuck using systems that try to be “one size fits all.” Stone’s Document Management Solutions offer customization that won’t overwhelm you when you’re smaller and will scale with you when your business grows larger.

To learn more, call Stone’s Office Equipment at 804-288-9000


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Companies of all sizes are under the same pressures when it comes to how much time employees have to complete projects and tasks assigned to them. There are only so many hours in a day and in some cases, paying overtime isn’t an option that makes financial sense.

IT departments, regardless of their size, are no different. They don’t want to manage copier, printers or other document output devices. Printers and copiers may be important to the everyday operations, but IT departments have far more important responsibilities and critical duties to focus on. At the end of the day, companies just want the print devices to work!

Most businesses do not know how many printers they have, or how many different models of printers they have. They have no idea how many prints are being made, or who is making them and why. Toner purchasing is usually handled by another department without regard to how much is being spent to maintain the print devices.


How does MPS help with this office problem?

  1. By identifying and labeling mismanaged equipment that is costing businesses money.
  2. Looking at processes like; toner replenishment and ordering, service tickets and repair calls.
  3. Studying workflow techniques and finding a better solution.

We often hear businesses say, “We’ve always done it that way.” That’s fine if your business has never changed; however, chances are your business has changed. Simply look at the improvements over the past few years in the mobile arena, with smart phones and tablets. Technology changes the way everyone does business.

Managed Print Services helps to identify these possible deficiencies and rights the ship. We can help centralize printers to the volumes demanding them, replace worn parts and take over toner purchasing. All of this relieves the IT personnel from chasing menial issues that take them away from what they were hired to do for your business.

Yes, Managed Print Services is right for your company and Stone’s Office Equipment will show you how we can help and then we will show you why we are the right choice.


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It is a great honor to again be awarded the Platinum Award of Excellence by Xerox. We’ve received this award each year we’ve been a dealer for Xerox and I’m proud of our employees who work so hard to go above and beyond for our clients.